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Polarized light crossed polaroids 31 in the pinhole

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polarized light (crossed polaroids) 31. In the pinhole camera, more blurring occurs if the hole is either very large or very small 32. Holograms depend on the fact that light is a wave 33. A successful fisherman will throw the spear below the fish image 34. To make a spy satellite that can read a license plate, you would have to use a larger mirror 35. The wavelength of visible light is closet to the diameter of a red blood cell 36. The Keck telescope is "powerful" because it has a bigger mirror to collect light 37. When we say a man is color blind, we usually mean that he can't distinguish red from green 38. The Keck uses what to focus light a mirror 39. Light in a vacuum goes 1 foot every nanosecond. In water,in one nanosecond it will go about 0.66 foot 40. Present-day 3-D movies make use of which technology polarizers 41. A computer screen does not have spots that are colored white 42. For a good telescope (like Hubble) in geosynchronous orbit (HEO), a typical resolution (for objects on the surface) is about 20 feet
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43. A major use of fiber optics is for Communication Chapter 9 1. Which of the following has the highest frequency gamma rays 2. Which of the following has the lowest frequency AM radio 3. If you double the absolute temperature of an object, the wavelength of the emitted light gets shorter by a factor of 2 4. Which kind of light has the longest wavelength infrared light 5. Invisible light includes x-rays,UV, and IR 6. As an object gets hotter and hotter, the color of its glow will change from red, to yellow, to white, to blue 7. Radio waves and x-rays have the same speed 8. If you double the absolute temperature, the total radiation increases by 16 9. Most of the energy of an ordinary tungsten-filament lightbulb is emitted in the color infrared 10. Heat radiation is also called IR 11. A tungsten lightbulb has 100 watts printed on it. About much power is actually emitted as visible light 16 watts 12. Which color star would be the hottest blue 13. Sunlight is brightest in which color green 14. Which of the following exposes a person to the kind of radiation that can cause cancer? computer-aided tomography CAT scans 15. Because of their warmth, humans emit primarily infrared radiation 16. If you sleep under a tree, you won't get wet from morning dew. That's because the tree emits infrared radiation 17. Dew forms when the ground cools by emitting IR 18. A "heat-seeking" missile actually aims itself toward infrared light 19. The ozone layer is created by and absorbs (choose all that are correct) Ultraviolet radiation 20. Ozone depletion is caused by
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CFCs 21. A few years ago, a certain kind of spray can was banned. These were the cans that used
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polarized light crossed polaroids 31 In the pinhole camera...

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