These materials are not prescribed but are

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These materials are NOT prescribed but are recommended. Cant, MC. Marketing management. 2006. Cape Town: Juta Rix, P. Marketing. A practical approach. 5th edition. North Ryde:McGraw-Hill Kotler, P. 2003. Marketing management. 11th edition. Upper Saddle River, N J.: Pearson Education International . Lamb, C. W., et al. 2004. Marketing. 2nd edition. Cape Town: Oxford University Press. Ferrell, O.C. et al. 2005. Marketing strategy. 3rd ed. Colorado State University Hart, S. 2003. Marketing changes, 1st ed. University of Strathclyde. Rix , P. 2004. Marketing a practical approach, 4th ed. Australia: Irwin/McGraw-Hill Besides the additional books identified above, you may also use any other books on marketing and international marketing when studying the subject. Articles from journals and other credible sources are welcomed and encouraged. This includes articles that can be found in newspapers (Saturday Star for example) and business magazines (Marketing Mix and Financial Mail for example). You are also encouraged to search the internet for information. Conduct searches for marketing related sites and visit the websites of successful companies to gain insight into their operations and what makes them successful. The most important point I am making is not to limit yourself to only a few textbooks in your research. It is absolutely essential that you consult a variety of different sources to ensure that you develop a well-rounded and detailed knowledge of the subject. The following websites are very interesting and will provide you with links to other marketing- related websites which will provide you with invaluable information when researching the subject:
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