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Like harro states in his reading oppression will

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Like Harro states in his reading oppression will continue to perpetuate (Harro 2000). In order to “liberate” ourselves from this oppressive society and the norms that have been allowed to prosper we as people need to change our thinking and really state the problems at hand (Harro 2000). I feel this is a really good start to a path to end oppression. It will not be easy and it will be a very tedious task for the root of the problem began with the formation of our country. Some of my class members reacted to some of the statistics the same way that I had. They were also shocked at some of the statistics and were angry because they feel just like I feel it isn’t right. There were so many statistics based on sexist biases’ that haven’t been changed. I feel that we can all learn from our own experiences and that of other that can end sexism. For example think about your family and loved ones. I’m 100% sure that everyone wouldn’t want their mother to be discriminated against because of her sex. They would want their mother to have the same opportunities that they have. You wouldn’t want your mom to make less money, get terminated from a job, be sexually harassed, or treated disrespectfully just because she is a woman. I feel that if everyone thought of sexism in that way we would see a huge decrease in sexist offenses. Anzaldua makes a very valid point when she talks about how we need to be
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allies and that we can help each other heal if we do that (Anzaldua 2000).
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