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What channel was used to transmit the message the

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What channel was used to transmit the message?
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The message was transmitted through both verbal and non-verbal channels. While the he was talking he was also using his body language and hand gestures to get his point across. What type of noise was experienced? There was a lot of noise during the message. Many of the employees were talking amongst themselves and not paying attention. Comment to the competencies, fields of experience, and culture of the participants involved. All parties involved are very competent on the job and are able to fully understand the scope of the message. The parties involved come from a few different cultures, but this should not affect the understanding of this particular message. Identify the communication context of the situation. The communication context of this particular situation was our employee meeting room. We have most of our meeting in this room. What was the intended effect versus the actual effect of the message? The intended effect of the message was to scare the employees and to let us know what would happen if the dress code was violated. The actual effect of the message was quite different. The employees do not have respect for this particular
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manager. They do not tend to take anything he says too seriously. They think that he feels he is better than them. Was a shared reality constructed? If not, what needed to change? No a shared reality was not constructed. For a shared reality to take place here the employees must show respect for the person conveying the message. Until this happens I do not think they will ever be a share reality constructed when he is trying to communicate a message to them.
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