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If an absence is unexcused the lab report that was

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If an absence is unexcused, the lab report that was due the day of the absence will have 10pts deducted per day late. Any student who knows about an excused absence in advance must meet with Dr. Hubbard at least one week prior to the event to discuss their options. If a student is going to be absent due to an event/circumstance that is known in advance, they must make arrangements to turn in their lab report on the original day that it is due. In the event that they do not, the lab report will have 10pts deducted per day late. Lab Check-Out Lab check-out will occur following each experiment this semester. Your TA will go through your assigned, communal drawer(s) to ensure that all of your glassware is present and undamaged. You and your partner are required to replace any missing or broken glassware prior to attending lab the following week. Any student who does not properly check-out of their lab drawer each week will have their registration account frozen until all missing items are replaced.
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5 Lab Final Exam: The last week of lab, you will take a written final exam. The final exam will be based on both the theories presented in your lab manual, the pre-lab lectures, and the experimental techniques learned during the course of the semester. Questions on lab technique, safety, reaction products, mechanisms and glassware/equipment comprise the bulk of the exam. The lab final is mandatory. There are no make-up exams given. If you miss the final exam due to an excused absence, you will be assigned an incomplete (“I”) for the course. Lab Grade [Main Sequence Labs - 2212L]: Your overall grade in CHEM 2212L will be derived from the following components: Lab Safety Quiz 3% [single quiz] Lab Reports and Lab Results 77% [10 individual experiments] Laboratory Final Exam 20% [100 point written exam] Withdrawing from lab: The mid-point of the semester is February 26, 2018. The last day to withdraw from CHEM 2212 and 2212L is March 19, 2018. A grade of ‘W’ is assigned to all withdrawals made prior to the withdrawal deadline, irrespective of performance in the course. Withdrawal is accomplished via the Athena system. Go to the withdrawal section of Athena and follow the instructions. CHEM 2212 and CHEM 2212L are corequisite courses. You may not remain enrolled in CHEM 2212L if you withdraw from CHEM 2212 or vice versa. There are no exceptions to this policy . After the mid-semester withdrawal deadline, a student who withdraws from the course is assigned a grade of ‘F’ by the UGA registrar. If you have any questions, you will need to arrange a meeting with Dr. Hubbard during his posted office hours.
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