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Besides it should be conducted by a trained

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benefits should be carefully assessed and it should benefit to the population being studied. Besides, it should be conducted by a trained investigator with approval from a proper ethical committee. The protocol should address the ethical issues related to the proposed research. It at any stage of research, it is found that the original considerations are no longer satisfied, studies should be discontinued [ Rid, Annette, Schmidt, Harald , 2010]. References: 1. Declaration of Helsinki - Current (2008) version 2. Nicholson, RH; Crawley, FP (1999). "Revising the Declaration of Helsinki: a fresh start". Bulletin of medical ethics 151: 13–7. 3. Rid, Annette; Schmidt, Harald (Spring 2010). "The 2008 Declaration of Helsinki — First among Equals in Research Ethics?". The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 38 (1): 143– 8 4. Levine, RJ (2000). "Some recent developments in the international guidelines on the ethics of research involving human subjects". Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 918: 170–8 5. Human D, Fluss S. The World Medical Association's Declaration of Helsinki: Historical and contemporary perspectives. 5th draft. WMA 2001
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