What is the component concentration ratio Pr HPr of a buffer that has a pH of

What is the component concentration ratio pr hpr of a

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57. What is the component concentration ratio, [Pr]/[HPr], of a buffer that has a pH of 5.44 (Kaof HPr = 1.3×10–5)?58. Write the ion-product expressions for the following compounds.a. silver carbonateb. barium fluoride59. Find the molar solubility of AgI in 2.5MNH3aqueous solution. 60. Classify each as a strong or weak acid or base: a. H 3 AsO 4 b. Sr(OH) 2 c. HIO d. HClO 4 61. Use Appendix C of the textbook to rank the following in order of increasingacid strength: HIO3, HI, CH3COOH, HF.62. Nitrous acid, HNO2, has a Kaof 7.1×10–4. What are [H3O+], [NO2], and [OH] in 0.60 MHNO63. a. What are [H3O+], [OH], and pOH in a solution with a pH of 9.85?b. What are [H3O+], [OH], and pH in a solution with a pOH of 9.43?64. A 0.15 Msolution of HA (blue and green)is 33% dissociated. Which of the scenes below represents a sample of that solution after it is diluted with water? (A real weak acid does not have a percent dissociation this high.)65. Which of the following are Arrhenius acids? 2 ? O 2 3
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ID: E 1266. Does any solid Cu(OH)2form when 0.075 g of KOH is dissolved in 1.0 L of 1.0×10–3MCu(NO3)2Ksp= 2.2 1020for Cu(OH)67. The solubility of silver carbonate is 0.032 Mat 20°C. Calculate its Ksp68. Write balanced equations and Kbexpressions for these Brønsted-Lowry bases in water:a. Pyridine, C5H5b. CO32– ? 2 . N
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