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According to equilibrium theory if the group

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14. According to equilibrium theory, if the group discussion begins to get intense, one would probably a. try to mark one’s territory in some way b. feel more cohesive
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MGMT459 / Quiz 4 Answer Key / Winter 2013 c. make less eye contact with one another d. move the chairs closer to one another. e. seek out and ostracize the most deviant member of the group 15. Stereotypes, while not intrinsically prejudicial, tend to: 16. Social identity theory argues that social categorization: 17. High density situations become stressful when: 18. Which one is NOT one of the interpersonal zones identified by Hall? a. Social d. Public b. Private e. Personal c. Intimate 19. Frank and Dinah are locked in a ___ conflict, for Frank feels that the company should acquire a small, rival company but Dinah believes that such a take-over would be ruinous at this time.
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