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Websites like myspace people are providing their

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websites like MySpace people are providing their information like name, date of birth, and where they live. Many provide a picture of what they look like. In some cases information is added to what their interests are and what they are doing. But there is one good thing that people are unable to see all this information unless they are accepted. This is a type of protection for the unwanted people to view the profile. There was a case where a young girl had stated that she was a different age an accepted older people; this made her acceptable to older guys. In return she met with one of these older guys that thought she was older but it ended up that she was assaulted by the person that she met. The thirteen year old girl tried to sue MySpace for failing to implement basic safety measures to prevent sexual predators from communicating with minors. This is another case where there was immunity for MySpace under the section 230.( Monaghan, 2011). Social networking is growing with sexual abuse; one out of seven children ranging from ages thirteen and seventeen receive unwanted sexual solicitations online. But most of the networks target the younger than the older. Networking is the most common place now for young people to meet people to have a relationship, but meeting the people is usually when the assault acres. This is not always the case though there are cases where women and men are posing as someone else enabling them to get close to the child that they are seeking. Networking has become a place for predators to have easier access to children and their information without parental supervision (Foulger, 2009).
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Cyber bullying has also become a problem since 2006 when a thirteen year old committed suicide from being bullied by another child. This is when the media realized more about what was going on with the cyber bullying. There were no laws that protected anyone from this so the child that was doing the bullying did not receive anything. But since then there are anti-cyber bullying and a bill is still pending. There are also websites like eBay that people sell stuff but they don’t require as much of your personal information to the public to view but there are still cases where a person could sell or purchase a fraudulent product. But eBay does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to purchase or sell items so this helps. From a recent lawsuit eBay lost because of a third party counterfeit item. Although it is very hard for eBay to prevent against all fraudulent matters it still does not compare to a person directly like sexually, in eBay’s case it affects the business by the item not getting sold. Attempting to stop Sex Offenders Banning users IP addresses was thought to be a good idea when MySpace realized that over 90,000 of their users where sex offenders. But even if they were all removed they are still able to create a new IP address with a fake name. Which if that doesn’t work they can still just go to another web-site. Some states have passed a law that sex offenders have to register any online screen names or banning them from web-
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websites like MySpace people are providing their...

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