Bai tap tieng Anh lop 9 Bai 10 Life on other planets

44 he is so lazy he fails the final exam 45 the

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44. He is so lazy. He fails the final exam. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 45. The weather is not fine. The children don’t play outdoors. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 46. Thu cannot swim, so she doesn’t go to the swimming pool with her friends. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 47. People don’t see the UFO, so they don’t call the National UFO Reporting Centre. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 48. She doesn’t keep the refrigerator door closed, so she cannot save the energy. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 49. There is much traffic, so the air is polluted by the waste smoke. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 50. Ba isn’t fast enough to catch the school bus. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Fill in each blank with a suitable word in the box. --planet – aircraft – objects – sky – meteor – spacecraft – UFO – in-- UFOs are strange flying ______(51) that some people report that they have seen in the ______(52) and believe to be ______(53) from another ______(54) Many scientists do not believe so. They say if people see a ______(55), it might be an ______(56), a weather balloon or a ______(57). However, there is still evidence for people to believe ______(58) the existence of UFOs.
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