The paper is organized as follows The genesis of the post 2015 global

The paper is organized as follows the genesis of the

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The paper is organized as follows. The genesis of the post-2015 global development agenda is briefly presented in Section 1. Section 2 highlights the objectives and the underlying motives of the MDGs. Section 3 is devoted to the SDGs and their related problems of definition and of responsibility. Section 4 presents the shortcomings that are common to both current agendas. Section 5 reviews possible problems that will be encountered by the future unique agenda, such as coordination failure, lack of aid effectiveness and the increased tied aid. Section 6 concludes. 2. The Genesis: One World – One Agenda Many different reasons favor the adoption of a single agenda. Hence the advocacy is “ one world-one agenda ”. Indeed, such claim results from the two long-term main tendencies that have dominated the twentieth century. On the hand, there is economic globalization. It is a process that has been intensified over time by means of different flows at the international level, such as financial flows, trade of goods and services and human migrations. One of the
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