In this study the unit of measure is the number of pages Since different

In this study the unit of measure is the number of

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judgment. In this study, the unit of measure is the number of pages. Since different companies use different measurements, line spacing, and page margins, to be consistent with the measurement, we typed them in a Word file and measured the portion of pages used by each disclosure. Previous CSR studies (Imam, 2000; Belal, 2000, 2001; Hossain et al., 2006) did not take this fact into consideration. The third phase in content analysis involves identifying themes or categories into which blocks of content can be classified. We used earlier work by Ernst and Ernst (1978), Guthrie and Parker (1990), and Gray et al. (1995a) to organize information into four categories: Theme , Form , Amount and Location . Theme was based on variables such as environment, energy, human resources, products, community involvement, and miscellaneous. The form of disclosure includes quantified data, either monetary or non-monetary, and qualitative or declarative data. Amount measures the proportion of pages devoted to social responsibility issues. Location refers to directors‟ and/or chairpersons‟ reports, separate sections of annual reports and separate or stand alone reports. 5. Results and Findings The findings from annual reports are shown in Table 1 below. Table 1: CSR by the Listed Companies in 2007 -2008 For the purpose of this study, a corporate social responsibility worksheet was constructed with the following headings: Environment, Energy, Fair Business Practices, Human Resources, Community Involvement, Products and Miscellaneous. Currently, none of the listed companies implemented GRI G3 disclosures in their annual report (only a few non-listed companies, for example Standard Chartered Bank, started doing this). It is difficult therefore to prepare a corporate social Sector Number of sample companies listed on the DSE Companies making CSR disclosures Number of companies Number of companies % Finance companies 44 18 40.90
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