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P2 the complexity of university material requires

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P2: The complexity of university material requires students be well grounded in basic skills of reading and writing (to C2) C2: The job of elementary school teachers is more important than that of university professors, + P2: People should be paid according to the importance of their jobs to society P4: University professors are paid too much as it is MC: Elementary school teachers should be paid more than university professors P1 C1 + P2 C2 +P2 P4 ± MC
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[ Supplementation of the argument will vary from person to person.] P1: Unacceptable. It’s not clear what “too much” of a salary is. Is $75,000/year too much, $100,000, etc. Also, depending on education and years of experience there are is overlap between the salaries of some experienced teachers and professors. Irrelevant. This is another claim that needs proof, and it has no bearing on why elementary teachers should be paid more. P2: It’s difficult to accept this premises without understanding how to determine which jobs are “important.” How do we rank the importance of jobs? Is it more important to teach, or to build homes? C1: Unacceptable . While the premises for C1 demonstrate that it is important to have elementary school education - it’s not clear that elementary teachers are more important than university professors. Like P2 - what does “importance” mean? One
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