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Lecture 11

Archeologist are the only ones that wait for people

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-archeologist are the only ones that wait for people to get in the picture while others don’t want them to be in the picture -we take the material reminisce and how these rituals unfolded and how they came about. -ritual is a culturally constructed system of symbolic communication, it is constituted of pattern and order of sequences that are often expressed by song and dance. -ex. candle and birthday song-motif of a birthday celebration -rituals solves or addresses a social problem or concerns of how we get everyone to get along and how do we deal with access. ex. when you have big festivities, you have big occasions. -hand ax-is also a babe magnet and now just for tool -upper Paleolithic-see development of art and a paint of a hand-affirms an existence of a person . ornamentation or ideas that are not directly related to just getting something to eat. -one prominent source of ritual is: DEATH!!!= what people do with death is highly ritualized. One of the things archeologists have good access to. famous places with ritual and death- Stonehenge !!! And little monuments that celebrate individuals. - burial- also see in Paleolithic. And if you put objects in burial with the individual means that you are putting them out of circulation because someone living could be using it. it is a means of comforting the dead and a belief in the afterlife. Taking good objects and putting them in a place where you can never use it is a pretty big statement. -types of burials: 1) communal burials-lots of disarticulated parts 2) individuals burials-with objects or dogs -through these excavations, you can understand their rituals. -we’re very keen to use those types of burial information to tell us other things we want to know
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archeologist are the only ones that wait for people to get...

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