Women will learn to type slowly moving into men jobs

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Women will learn to type, slowly moving into men jobs Women Ages: 10-15 Take jobs: 750,000 in 1870, 2M in 1900 Children worked next to adults, yet no parental guidance Some states set child-labor laws- but were mostly ignored Only 7 states requires children to be a min of 12 to start full-time work Children BREADWINERS Female Stereotyping School nurses. Teachers, librarians(these fields became feminized ) Some Law Schools: "don’t have the mentality of study Law" Men and Women pay were unequal (women made just over 1/2 men earned) Chinese Exclusion Act 1882- Band the Entry of Chinese workers for 10 years, The Culture of Work Discrimination History 106 Page 11
The Culture of Work New Work patters As industries grew lagers became more impersonal, machines will remove skilled workers Highly mobile workforce (better pay? New job) Horatio Alger jr. - a book with stories about a boy who rides to riches (not so true) Movement from working-class to middle class The Rise of the City: 1870-1900 Hope to get the American Dream 1861- 1/6th lived in communities 8,000+ 1900- 1/3rd Skyscrapers and Suburbs 1920-1/2 Streetcar->suburbs Steel-> Skyscrapers Got the opportunity to rebuilt Chicago after the fire Architects: Jon Root & Louis Sullivan (1st Skyscrapers) 1871 Great Fire of Chicago- Began in downtown burned for 2 days, 300 people died, 10,000- homeless Modernity - style of building, simplicity and stability (no more fancy ornamentations b/c dangerous to fire ) Sullivan - "Form Follows function" Frank Lloyd Wright- super famous American architect Electrified metamorphosis Elevators, streetcars Electric surface lines, elevated rapid transport Shifting Demographics- inner city slums and leafy suburbs Business and working class lived in city…Middle -class=suburbs Tenements and Overcrowding Tentaments- World of dark quarrelers, fire hazard, cramed Population Density- 1890 on ward of NYC 334,000:1 square mile Manure- horse Waste disposal-shittttttttttttttttt "Hell with the Lid Off"- Pittsburgh ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Context: Jacob Riss How the Other Side Lives History 106 Page 12
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Increase in (3x)Homicide, Suicide, and Alcoholism Number od bars exceeded the number of grocery stores, meat markets and other stores During the industrial period:(1870-1900) Crime "Hoodlums" (raged, good for nothing)- street gangs, committed robberies together, killing Stranger in a Strange land Gangs: Hayes Valley Gang, Baster Street Dudes Demographic Makeup: Immigration 1880s: increasing threat of war, food shortagers in their home countries, job opportunities Italy, Poland(Jews), Russia(Jews) 1890- 15% US population foreign-born northern seaboard cities Most were job seekers, Men; 15-40 years old, unskilled, tended to crowed into the northern boarder cities, will live where previous nationally lived Chain migration - migrating family members/friends slowly Euro-ethnic neighborhood: Little Italy (NY), Chinatown (Chicago) 1877-1890s 1877 47m-1887 63m, 90%white