If the weight of a body immersed in a fluid exceeds

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12. If the weight of a body immersed in a fluid exceeds the buoyant force, then thebody will a) rise until its weight equals the buoyant forceb) tend to move downward and it may finally sinkc) floatd) none of the aboveAns: b 13. Metacentric height for small values of angle of heel is the distance between the a) centre of gravity and centre of buoy-ancy b) centre of gravity and metacentre c) centre of buoyancy and metacentre d) free surface and centre of buoyancy Ans: b 14. A floating body is said to be in a state of stable equilibrium 15. The increase in meta centric heighti) increases stabilityii) decreases stabilityiii) increases comfort for passengersiv) decreases comfort for passengersThe correct answer is FOLLOWERS with Google Friend Connect Members (146) More » Already a member? Sign in ARCHIVE 2013 (527) 2012 (82) December (10) November (16) October (55) Tunnel Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and A... Docks and Harbour Engineering Multiple Choice Ques... Design of Steel Structures Multiple Choice Questio... Structural Analysis Multiple Choice Questions and ... Construction Planning and Management Multiple Choi... Heating and Welding Multiple Choice Questions and ... Industrial Drives Multiple Choice Questions and An... Electric Traction Multiple Choice Questions and An... Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions and Answ... Measurement and Instrumentation Multiple Choice Qu... Electrical Machine Design Multiple Choice Question... Electrical Engineering Materials Multiple Choice Q... Cables Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Prepa... Fluid Mechanics Problems Quiz multiple choice questions download fr... 2 of 13 21-Jul-13 7:32 AM
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