Test and quiz policy there will be frequent announced

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Test and Quiz policy There will be frequent, announced, short quizzes on materials covered in the previous classes. No makeup quizzes will be given; the lowest quiz will be dropped. Dates of all scheduled chapter tests are on the syllabus. No tests will be dropped. The chapter tests and final exams will have both written and listening components. The final written exam will emphasize the last chapter but will also be accumulative . The final oral exam will be accumulative. Without prior arrangement or a documented absence, you will receive a zero for a missed test. Homework: MindTap assignments/Compositions/Film Assignment (20%) Please purchase a blue book for writing compositions. Unless otherwise instructed, homework for each chapter is INDIVIDUAL work. This work is due at class time on the day indicated in the Tentative Calendar. Do MindTap as we cover the material in class so you can see if you understand the material. MindTap assignments turned in late will receive an automatic 30% grade penalty . All Other Homework assignments turned in late will receive a 20% grade penalty.
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