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Comm 292 Chapter 7 Notes

A are typically vertical b follow the authority chain

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a. Are typically vertical; b. Follow the authority chain; c. Are limited to task-related communications. Three common formal small-group networks: a. Chain network – it rigidly follows the formal chain of command (high on accuracy). b. Wheel network – it relies on the leader to act as the central conduit for all the group’s communication (high on speed, low on satisfaction). c. All-channel network – it permits al group member to communicate actively with each other (high on member satisfaction). b. Informal Networks : communications that flow along social and relational lines. a. Grapevine – the organization’s most common informal network a.i. Rumors: a.i.1. Structure and reduce anxiety; a.i.2. Make sense of limited or fragmented information; a.i.3. Serve as a vehicle to organize group members, and possibly outsiders, into coalitions; a.i.4. Signal a sender’s status or power (I’m an insider with respect to this rumor while you are an outsider). a.ii. Grapevine has three characteristics: a.ii.1. It is not controlled by management; a.ii.2. It is perceived by most employees as being more believable and reliable than formal communiqués issued by top management; a.ii.3. It is largely used to serve the self-interests of the people within it. Nonverbal Communication –
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a Are typically vertical b Follow the authority chain c Are...

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