The Burberry Case

It was not as much of an exclusive brand before bravo

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and Asian tourists. It was not as much of an exclusive brand before Bravo had been in charge. The product line was being sold in poor retail environments that lack promised quality. 5. Every business has risk. What changes did Bravo initiate? How did she attempt to control risk? When Bravo was initially hired, one of her first decisions was to try to attract the younger customers to expand the brand’s market. She also hired a design team to redesign its customary products to expand to a newer variety of products. 6. How did Bravo approach the “4 P’s”? The price had been kept expensive in order to differentiate its high status in comparison to others. Burberry products typically had the trademarked checks. The most common inventory that was being produced had been outerwear, however. Burberry is a licensed
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7. Burberry has multiple brands, collections, retail stores, distributors, contracts regarding licenses. What is the role of each one of these at Burberry? What did Bravo do to address each one? Bravo was trying to expand the brand in a global perspective, agreeing to global licensing agreements . 8. Was Bravo able to elevate the Burberry brand (and strengthen its brand equity)? After Bravo began her position, the company had been making huge changes and taking careful steps to expanding the target market while maintaining its elite status. She tried bringing a younger demographic for the trendier teen community. 9. What is Burberry’s “consumer base”? What is Burberry’s “target customer”? Burberry’s consumer base consisted of the more fashion-conscious customer. The brand strived to keep its brand more exclusive, separating the elite from the regulars. 10. How would you grade Bravo’s performance as a marketing manager? Bravo’s role as a marketing manager is ideal. Her ambition to reconstruct the company into a more exclusive and luxurious brand while simultaneously expanding its audience, is very apparent.
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It was not as much of an exclusive brand before Bravo had...

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