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Everett and i walk to a short row of bars and bar

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Everett and I walk to a short row of bars and bar-food restau- rants the students mockingly call the Strip. Over sweet tea - a sug- ary Southern version of iced tea - I ask him about his fucure, what happens next He may find a;ob reaching and coaching, he says, or maybe not. `If the DJ"mg thing o rott CAN Ge-r TxA-r out to me? OK cool!' ' does well, I may stick around and do that for a year," Evtt<a is on the phone with Drew at Nervous he says. Rewrds,ttyingtogetampyofanewdancrhall I'm startrng to feal like I could stick around for single by Mad Lion. It's Monday afternoon at another year and still wait for the reticent Everett to WNUA, the student radio station at the University of open up. Fina11-y, I srzrt prodding and poking. Did he Alabama Everett is busy collecting fresh grooves for ever wxstle with the decision tojoin a black fraternity? his Tuesday night show of soul and funk, The Good "No." G^e, as well as his Thursday night rap show. Did he ever regtet join'utg? try nerd. Then there's Everett. Mike Jones recalls Very busy. Everett blazes through a batch of pro- °No.° meeting Everea for the first time at a smoker; the mntional flyers, saving a few for the names and phone Then Everett says: 'Any time I reflect on it, I mean prospective pledge was wearing a Public Enemy T- numbers or'promotional people at the labels. Then he deeply, I'm even more glad I did it I've been proud to shirt with the lu:e IT TAxes A NnnoN OF MILLIONS TO runs upstairs to get the day's mail and returns with abe a Sigma. I feel like my life is very enhanced by that HotD US sAa<, Ivlike says fiberglass Qau full of letters, vinyl and CDs. He paws relationship. The only problem is, I take it for granted It's rarely the black fraternity members themselves through the loot with a fellow DJ named Mark Wil- too often -jusu like a family. who resent whites: i•s the bystanders who are both- liams. who's wearing a Nnz¢e as T-shirc Mark does 'I rry to be myelf and not try to be down and talk all ered. Mike, who goes by the name Jay-t, told his tonight's industrial show. A fellow Sigma, Pat the B-boy lattguage and all thaq" says Evetett'One of cousin about how there's this white guy on his line Lathan, walks in. Pat will be doing his houser and my friends told me the other day I sound very white on (the line being the lineup of pledges, who are grouped club-music show, Big City Beat, tonight, and as hap- the radio. I go,'Well, that's good.'Cause I am.' I don'c according to height and given a number for the duca- pens often, Everett will be helping him. Pat strips ', want to fake the funk. I don't want to pretend that F. tion of the pledge period). The eousin thought abouc , messages off the answering machine while Everett something Pm noc" 72 - Rotctnc Srone, MAacrr 24, 1994 2041155892 http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/reb88a00/pdf
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