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Thesis Final Report (long)

To the researchers surprise it came to our knowledge

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February 6, 2011). To the researchers’ surprise, it came to our knowledge after conducting this research that some people haggle for the purpose of entertainment . They are indifferent about the fact whether they are able to strike a good deal or not because they have fun in negotiating to the retailers in their native language, for example, Pushto . It was observed that there are customers who don’t like to bargain, they ask prices and if they feel that the product is in their price range then they buy it otherwise they just walk out as they are not interested in bargaining. They prefer going to places where the prices are fixed. This also happens when a customer is at Sunday bazaar for entertainment purpose and just likes asking prices but has no intention of purchasing (Observation 12, Observation, February 27, 2011). Curiosity is also another motive that encourages people to visit Sunday bazaar and end up bargaining for the reason that people are curious to know to what level they can bargain on unique items that are available here. As one respondent answered to why they come to Sunday market specifically as: ‘To browse through the market and buy whatever product appeals me’ (Respondent 4, interview, February 6, 2011). Since Sunday bazaar is famous for possessing unique items that are not found in normal stores, customers come here in search of those items and try their level best to strike a good deal on it. Another responded said ‘I come here because there’s a specific quality that you get here that you can’t find anywhere else like jeans, white pants that are of cotton material is really good and I wouldn’t get this at places like stone age 30
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etc., do the quality, design and price is what attracts me here. These jeans I got for 1/10 the price of stone age’ (Respondent 10, Interview, February 6, 2011). It was found that a lot of customers come to Sunday bazaar to build a long-term relationship with the retailers also. Some already have a good rapport with the retailers which in turn gives them good discounts. For example, numerous retailers have their original shops in places like Aashiana or Zainab market, so customers who purchase from them regularly are now a part of their clientele. When they come to Sunday market they end up getting a good bargain because they are already on good terms with them. Most people like to be independent while they are shopping and haggling at Sunday bazaar as it is a matter of their image. Like one respondent said ‘I prefer bargaining alone because I don’t like it when someone breaks into the conversation. It is a matter of image too’ (Respondent 42, Interview, February 20, 2011). People find it embarrassing to bargain in front of others because they think it affects their social status. In short they don’t want others to know that they negotiate for a couple of hundred rupees. Independence could also be interpreted in the way of decision making, that is, people who come to shop there alone and haggle they are their own decision makers, they have to decide then and there whether their buy is really worth it or not. They don’t
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