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Evaluation of mgi teams process from the very first

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Evaluation of MGI Team’s Process From the very first meeting, it is clear that their was not any real structure to the MGI team’s process, from the way their meeting were organized to the roles each member played, it seemed as though the whole process was very chaotic and not supportive. One of the root causes of the team’s process problems is their lack of a unified vision for the company. Although it is good to brainstorm and bounce ideas around, the ultimate vision for the company needed to be a goal set from the very beginning. Another cause is the lack of leadership and defined roles within the group. From what was described in the meetings, it is clear that this group really needed a person with experience in the industry that tied all of them together and made all of the final decisions. Another root cause was the cultural and personality divide that split the group members into two opposing teams. While the strengths of the MGI team were buried mostly under conflict and lack of focus, they did have several strengths. They seem to be a mostly well-rounded team whose individual strengths balance out the weakness. All the members are very intelligent and knowledgeable in each individual’s area. The product itself seems to be very well made and well acknowledged by critics, which is a strength that adds to the team. Another strength that the team has is the amount of enthusiasm and commitment
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Evaluation of MGI Teams Process From the very first meeting...

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