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Now it uses the term sports entertainment when

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legitimate sport just like football and baseball. Now it uses the term sports entertainment when talking about what it is marketing to its fans. This is an example of the implementation of a(n) _____ strategy. . Repositioning At the end of this segment, Grace lists several factors that apply to GenNest. Which step in Segmenting a market is she performing? Selecting segmentation descriptors What is the segmentation base used by ReadyMade? Age Segmentation Deal$ stores sell a wide variety of low-priced merchandise: party supplies, cleaning products, toys, food, housewares, and health and beauty products for both men and women. Many items in the store are priced no higher than one dollar. Which type of demographic segmentation is Deal$ using? Income All of the following are criteria for successful market segmentation EXCEPT Accountability The process of market segmentation involves breaking down a heterogeneous market into homogeneous and identifiable segments. If this process is carried to its extreme, then one could say that: every individual in the world is a market segment In Baton Rouge, Louisiana everyone who is anybody in society can't wait to get a copy of 225 magazine. The magazine is targeted to the upper middle and upper classes in Baton Rouge and
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features articles on how they work and play. The editor of 225 magazine is relying on _____ segmentation. geodemographic Marketers use _____ to segment markets because this information is widely available, and factors such as age or gender are often related to consumer purchasing and consumption behavior: demographics Which of the following is NOT an advantage of an undifferentiated marketing strategy? effectively protects firm from competition Which of the following is a means of displaying or graphing, in two or more dimensions, the location of products, brands, or groups of products in customers' minds? Perceptual mapping GenNesters, as described by publisher Grace Hawthorne, are a key ________ for ReadyMade. market segment Which of the following is a potential disadvantages associated with an undifferentiated strategy Unimaginative product offerings What does the 80/20 principle propose? Roughly 20 percent of a firm's customers purchase
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