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Statement of claim question

8 acme builders may terminate the employees

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The employee shall be paid $275 per week. 8. Acme Builders may terminate the employee’s employment upon giving to the employee 4 weeks’ notice of termination, or payment in lieu of 4 weeks’ notice of termination. 5. Greg noticed that the contract did not include any provision for sick leave. He raised this with Mr Simpson, who told him that the company’s policy was that all employees were entitled to 2 weeks’ sick leave in their first year of employment, and to 2 additional weeks’ sick leave for each year of service. 6. Greg commenced work in the first week of March 2005. He was sent to work at a building site at a residential house in St Kilda, where extensive renovations were being carried out. The site manager was an employee of Acme Builders, Robert Jackson. At the beginning of each day, Mr Jackson would allocate
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various tasks among the 3 or 4 builders and labourers, and would then leave the site in order to attend to other business, leaving Greg and his colleagues to work unsupervised until he returned towards the end of the day.
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