and insight in See section 662 for information about the format of the

And insight in see section 662 for information about

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and insight in . See section 6.6.2 for information about the format of the examination paper. 6.2 Assessment plan Assessment will be done by the lecturers for this module aided by some suitably qualified outside markers. The names of examiners will also be indicated on the examination question paper. 6.2.1 Assessment plan for assignments There are eight essay-type assignments, which will determine your year mark. Your year mark counts 30% of your final mark and your examination mark counts 70% of your final mark . However, as noted earlier, only the marks of the best two of your submitted assignments (that is, the assignments with the highest marks) contribute to your year mark. So you have to submit at least two out of the eight essay assignments. But you are free to submit more assignments. Doing more assignments obviously gives you more practice in essay writing and more opportunity to improve your year mark. However, it may also dilute your efforts, which could, perhaps, be better spent making sure that two or three of your submissions are as good as they can be. The choice is yours . Be careful, however, about
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