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This source demonstrates the disadvantages of social

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This source demonstrates the disadvantages of social networking in details. Parks started out with how social networking is causing people to become isolated in reality. Afterwards, she goes into subcategories of related consequences of social networking on teenager population such sexting, bullying and addiction. However, the article also contains the benefits of technology advances and social networking like being able to connect with anyone worldwide. Online surfing offers something for everyone and one of the reasons to why people like online social networking is that they can go to a specific site with their interest to be fit in. The source offers variety of viewpoints on the cons of social networking so it is not biased. Not only the article has a lot of disadvantages, it also provides a few advantages on the topic. This source is reliable since the work is contributed by many researchers on the subject.
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Since this source give insights to many possible ideas to social networking both pro and con side, I can use these evidences in both my positive and negative sides of social networking and technology advances. Specifically, I would present the ironic point of how social networking is supposed to be and how it is turning out to be by using this source. Pilieci, Vito. "Do Social Networks Make Us Sick?." Ottawa Citizen . 24 Mar 2012: B.1. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 01 Apr 2013. The article begins with very usual nowadays social networking situation at family lunch time where everyone is on their electronic devices. It later explores the possible effects of Facebook on human’s mental health and their everyday lives and social networking. It debates about how Facebook addiction can turn into a mental disorder. Like other sources, the article mentions about Facebook usage can greatly reflects on school grades. There is a new research coming up on social networking behavior monitoring on 500 students, This article has many evidences coming from psychologists researching on the subject of social networking and mental health. The article mainly focuses on how social networking can affect human’s health unlike other sources. It includes many results to the researches done based on the issue. This source is reliable because there are many doctors and psychologists included in this article. This can be a different reason to why social networking is bad. It has a huge impact on our mental health if we were to spend so much time on the internet. I can use this source effectively to point out to more reasons why social networking is not a benefit to us. I can
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talk about there are many researches being done on the effects and they all shows the negative effects towards our mental health. ·
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This source demonstrates the disadvantages of social...

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