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However beers law has its limitations the

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relationship between the proportionality of the graph (Kohl, 2006). However, Beer’s law has its limitations. The relationship between concentration and absorbance has to be linear. Nonlinearity can be caused by deviations in absorptivity coefficients at high concentrations, scattering of light due to particulates in the sample, and stray light. Another factor of this experiment is the understanding the similarities and differences between the chemist color wheel and the artist color wheel. The artist color wheel focuses on pigments of color. It includes three primary colors, three secondary colors and six tertiary colors. On the other hand, the chemist color wheel focuses light. It also has primary and secondary colors but the primary colors of light include red, green, and blue, and the secondary colors are yellow, magenta, and cyan. The differences between the artist color wheel and chemist color truly shine through when you combine light versus colors. When light is put in a color filter, they subtract from one another. Some wavelengths of light are absorbed and only the ones being given off are visible to the eye (Light and Color, 2013).The color light, when combined, add to one another and becomes white. Knowing this allows for the understanding of the role it plays in the understanding of Beer’s law.
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References Calloway, Dean. Beer-Lambert Law(1997). Retrieved March 26, 2013. From Beer-Lambert Law. Retrieved March 27, 2013. From Blauch, D. N. Spectrophotometry: Beer's Law. Davidson College. Chemistry Resources. Retrieved March 27, 2013. From Kohl, Shane K., Landmark, James D., Stickle, Douglas F., Demonstration of Absorbance Using Digital Color Image Analysis and Colored Solution (2006) , Retrieved March 28, 2013. From Light and Color @ The Franklin Institute. Retrieved March 28, 2013. From
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However Beers law has its limitations The relationship...

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