Leading Marines FMFM 1 0 22 Those who know Marines give many reasons why

Leading marines fmfm 1 0 22 those who know marines

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Leading Marines FMFM 1-0 22
Those who know Marines give many reasons why America needs a Marine Corps, but first and foremost, Marines exist to fight and win. 19 From this duty, from this reason for being, everything else flows. If it doesn't, it is meaningless. This spirit is the character of our Corps. It is the foundation of our cohesion and combat effectiveness, and it gives Marines that "swagger, confidence, and hardness" necessary for victo- ry—qualities seen in the hills of Korea and in hundreds of other engagements before and since. Marines believe that to be a Marine is special; that those good enough to become Marines are special; and that the insti- tution in which they are bonded is special. That is why the le- gion analogy is so appropriate for the Corps. Marines, far flung, performing dangerous—sometimes apparently meaning- less and often overlooked missions—find strength and sense of purpose simply knowing that they are Marines in that mystical grouping they know as the Corps. Among the five Armed Services of our nation, four have Service songs; only the Marine Corps has its Hymn. For scores of years before it became recently fashionable to stand for all Service songs, Marines always stood when our Hymn was played. And to this day, while others stand with cheers and applause to their Service song, Marines stand quietly, un- waveringly at attention, as the Hymn of their Corps is played. Marines are different. FMFM 1-0 Our Ethos 23