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In early childhood my friends were people i was

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My peer relationships got out to a rocky start. In early childhood, my friends were people I was geographically close to and it was easy to go play with them. But once those proved not to be good matches, I began finding friends who were true and who were people I actually wanted to be around and who would prove to be good influences on me. People that I am still friends with12 years later. 2. Peer rejection can be one of the most dangerous tools used on a student. A child that has few or no friends is one at risk for serious depression, low self-esteem and other undesirable beliefs. How affected by rejection a student will be is determined by their temperament and support system. If a student is extremely strong willed and confident, then a rejection will not be as detrimental as if the student was already shy and insecure. Similarly, if a student has a loving family and teachers who care, they will have more people to turn to in this situation than if the student feels they cannot talk to anyone. I can say from experience that having self-worth and someone to talk to can save a child from sinking into depression. In the previous question, when my best friend told me she was done with me I was extremely upset. I couldn't understand why she would leave or why she didn't want to be friends anymore. The first thing I did when I got home from school that day was run crying into my mother's arms. She helped me understand what was going on and tried to make me feel better. She assured me that it was nothing I had done, that it wasn't my fault. She continued to make sure I was alright as time went by. It also helped that I was in the process of making new friends at the same time. I had other resources for kids to play with, and quickly found out that playing with them was more fun anyway. I still had good self-esteem at that age so I didn't question that there was something about me that made me unworthy to be her friend. I babysit for two kids during the school year and I hear sometimes the childhood drama that
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