We will collect these print outs and assemble them into a folder that will be

We will collect these print outs and assemble them

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We will collect these print-outs and assemble them into a folder that will be kept in the lab. Several sites containing MSDS's can be accessed via the internet. A good option is to go directly to a chemical supplier such as Aldrich (). Aldrich requires that you "register" for their site, but the information is free. Google also yields good results when the compound name and SDS are used as search terms Define the following terms as they relate to SDS's: Acute _________________________________________ Chronic _________________________________________ Cumulative _________________________________________ TWA _________________________________________ TLV _________________________________________ PEL _________________________________________ OSHA _________________________________________ IUPAC _________________________________________ ACGIH _________________________________________ LD50 _________________________________________ LC50 _________________________________________ Carcinogen _________________________________________ Teratogen _________________________________________ Mutagen _________________________________________ Lachrymator _________________________________________ What are the four major routes of entry of chemicals into the body? 1. _________________________ 2. _________________________ 3. _________________________ 4. _________________________
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16 OTHER SOURCES OF CHEMICAL INFORMATION Name _________________________________ Lab Section __________________ Date Report Submitted ________________ An important skill in science is knowing where and how to find the information you need on a given topic. As chemists, we often need specific information on the compounds that we're studying. The MSDS exercise just completed showed you how to find safety related information for chemical compounds. Two other standard sources of information for chemical compounds are: 1.the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 2.the Merck Index Copies of these texts can be found in the reference section of the library and in the chemistry department lounge and lab. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the types of information that can be found in these references. Look up your assigned chemical compound in the Merck Index. List two pieces of information that were not contained in the MSDS for your compound. 1.____________________________________ 2.____________________________________ Find your compound in the appropriate section of the CRC Handbook (Elements & Inorganic Compoundsor Organic Compounds). What information is given? Also find a reference to your compound in any other section of the CRC and report your findings below.
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