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Between the two which leads to society creating even

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between the two, which leads to society creating even deeper stereotypes about both and ignoring the fact that there is a problem that needs to be addressed, the problem, however, is not race, it is the class system. 3. The three different levels of class are described as economic, political and cultural. Economic class focuses on income and accumulated wealth and can easily be measured by the individual but not by the general public. Political class focuses on ones power to influence the public and political process. Cultural class focuses on education, taste, and lifestyle, being the most easily identifiable of the three, in my opinion. Cultural class is the easiest to “see” because it is most apparent in day-to-day life. I also feel it is the most important because it is the
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most individualized in the sense that regardless of income and political views, the way you live your life within your class is your own choice. Just because you are middle or upper class does not mean you have to buy the most expensive car or clothing, it is a choice that is shown through your cultural class. Similarly, those in the working class that are assumed to not have the ability to have expensive material goods may find a way to do so. In most cases, economic class can only be measured by the public through ones material goods, however, there is no way of knowing their debt, so economic class may be perceived easily but not necessarily correctly determined by society. Political class is constantly changing and therefor I do not find it to be easily “seen” by society. Politics are also at times very secretive, so measuring ones power within them could be very challenging. Cultural class is extremely obvious. It is shown through actions that society constantly views. Shows like Jerry Springer are a good example of cultural class. The people on the show tend to be identified in a lower class because of how they act: their language, bad taste, and lack of intelligence. These are all things that are easily understood by the public, which is why cultural class is the easiest level to “see.”
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between the two which leads to society creating even deeper...

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