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Message strategy which is the general message

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message strategy, which is the general message communicated to the consumers. From there, the advertiser must develop a creative concept, to make the ad interesting. 6. By having the big idea, the company must be able to successfully execute the ad to capture the target market’s attention and interest. 7. An advertiser needs to set the right tone for the particular ad. Then, it should use attention-getting words. Illustration must be organized, and the headline must be interesting. The copy must be simple but strong and convincing to persuasively present customer value. 8. The steps for the advertising media selection are determining on reach, frequency and impact, choosing among major media types, selecting specific media vehicles, and choosing media timing.
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9. Measuring advertising effectiveness and the return on advertising investment is important information to predetermine before making actual decisions. If the company can have a positive ROI, than its prospective is high. 10. Public relations are building good relations with the company’s publics by gaining positive publicity, building up a good image, and handling damaging rumors and stories. PRs strive to maintain the company’s name and image in order to create widespread appeal.
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