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MORAL PROBLEMS - Final paper

The loss of ones life is one of the greatest losses

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The loss of one’s life is one of the greatest losses one can suffer. The loss of one’s life deprives one of all the experiences, activities, projects, and enjoyments that would otherwise have constituted one’s future” (367). Marquis’s main argument, as I stated earlier, is that (1) a human fetus has a right to life and (2) if something has a right to life then it is morally wrong to kill that thing, therefore (3) it is wrong to kill a human fetus. The conclusion that Marquis comes to isn’t wrong but to get there you have to assume that premises (1) and (2) are true and that is where I feel that he will meet opposition. Many Pro-Choice supporters will object that a fetus is a human being and therefore a fetus does not have the basic human right to life. I feel like this is a good objection and very difficult to disarm. There is no scientifically proven data that a fetus possesses human qualities and a fetus cannot survive on its own, which is a huge factor of being human. Also, after a certain point during a woman’s pregnancy, she can no longer have an abortion; I feel like this time constraint is a sort of “admission” of the human life that is growing inside the woman but before then the fetus is not considered a human being. With such a strong reasoning against this argument, I feel like it isn’t a stable claim to make when arguing for Pro-Life. However, there are many other very good premises that argue against abortion that can be sorted out. There are many other alternatives to abortion that a woman should consider if she does not want to keep her baby. If a woman becomes pregnant but does not want to or cannot care for the child, her first and best option to consider would be adoption. There are many couples throughout the world that cannot conceive their own children and would love to adopt. Another option (although not really thought about strongly these days) is abstinence. If a couple is not ready to deal with the consequences of their decision to engage in sexual intercourse they should
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not be having sex in the first place. Many people today think of having abortions as a form of
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The loss of ones life is one of the greatest losses one can...

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