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HK Company Law_Simplified Chinese English

从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 i

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Unformatted text preview: 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 i. 从 177 从 : 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 Petition (application) by creditors or shareholders followed by court order, ii. 从 228 从 : 从从从从从从从从从 , 从从从从从从从从从从从 voluntary winding up (shareholders’ resolution only, no court involvement), iii. s.228A 从从从从从从从从从从从从 , 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 , 从从从从从从从从从从从从T hrough director’ resolution, no shareholders’ resolution is involved. Normally, the notice of directors’ meeting can be shorter than the notice of shareholders’ meeting by up to three weeks. 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 ( 从从从 ) 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从Distribution of all other duties are delegated by shareholders. Table A, Art 82 provides that the board of directors is in charge of all other matters other than those prescribed by i. the law (see Topic 5), ii. the memorandum and articles of association of the company, and iii. shareholders’ directions following special resolutions. A 从从 82 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从i. 从从从从 (从从 5 从从) ii. 从从从从从从 iii. 从从从从从从从从从从从 公公公公 从 公公 从从从从从从 公公 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 HK companies have no supervisors such as those in PRC companies. Supervisors are representatives from staff members and shareholders. Their function is to ensure that company officers abide by the law. 6. 香香香香香 Company’s Constitution a. Table A (A 香 ) ( 香香香香 , 香香香香香 ) 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 (从 367 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 A 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 11 从从从从 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 A 从从从从从从从从从从从从从, 从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 , 从从从从从从从从从从 从 This is a model articles of association contained in the First Schedule after s.367 of Co. Ord. It can be adopted as a new company’s articles if the founder members do not have their own set of articles for this company. Note: S.11 of Co Ord provides that if the Table A is not specifically excluded, it will become a company’s articles of 7 association automatically. However, S.11 only applies to a company limited by shares, but not to a company limited by guarantee....
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从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从从 i 从...

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