Health and the environment 1 direct vs indirect

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Health and the Environment 1. Direct vs. Indirect effects of pollution on health 2. Toxicology 3. Dose/response a. Duration/frequency of exposure b. Person’s size c. Breakdown of chemical – ½ life 4. Persistent Chemicals – Biomagnification 5. Epidemiology 6. Infectious Disease ______________________________________________________________________________ ________ Air Pollution 1. Primary vs. Secondary pollutants 2. Carbon monoxide (CO), NO X , SO X , VOCs, PM 3. Emission Regulations – Clean Air Act a. Cars i. Unleaded gasoline ii. Catalytic Converter 4. ZEV’s 5. Smog 6. Temperature Inversion 7. Short term vs. Long term health effects 8. Indoor air pollution a. Sick building syndrome
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b. Radon c. Asbestos 9. Acid precipitation ______________________________________________________________________________ ________ Climate, Ozone, and Global Warming Weather vs. Climate 4 Factors the Determine Climate o Latitude – o Atmospheric circulation patterns – o Oceanic circulation patterns o Local geography (topography) – Ozone – o What is it? - O 3 o Where does it accumulate? o What does it do there? o What destroys it? CFC’s What are they? What were they used in? What do they do to ozone? o Chl orine is the gangster molecule o When was the ozone hole discovered? o Why is there a hole in the south pole in the spring? o
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Health and the Environment 1 Direct vs Indirect effects of...

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