Chapter 5

Nursing the sick in a hospital intensive care unit

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nursing the sick in a hospital intensive care unit Low significance sweeping hospital floors A UTONOMY High autonomy telephone installer who schedules his own work for the day, makes visits w/o supervision, decides on the most effective techniques for a particular installation Low autonomy tel. operator who handles calls as they come according to routine, highly specified procedure F EEDBACK High feedback Low feedback electronics factory worker who assembles a radio and then routes it to a quality control CREATING MORE FLEXIBLE WORKPLACES Compressed Workweek 4 10-hour days / week plan (4-40 program)
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P ART 2: S TRIVING FOR P ERFORMANCE 9 days over 2 weeks plan (either Fri or Mon off once every 2 weeks in exchange for working slightly longer hours the other days) - allow employees more leisure / shopping time - permit them travel to/from work outside rush hour - can inc. employee enthusiasm, morale, commitment to org. - Flextime (flexible work hours) = arrangement where employees work during a common core period each day but can form their total workday from a flexible set of hours outside the core - all employees required to work during common core period, but allowed to accumulate their other 2 hrs before and/or after core time - some allow extra hrs (to turn into a free day off each month) - very popular scheduling option - ↓absenteeism, employee tardiness & absences - ↑productivity & satisfc’n (employee can adjust work to hrs when they’re more productive) - however, not applicable to every job e.g. Flexible Hours Common Core LUNCH Common Core Flexible Hours 6 a.m. 9 a.m. 12 noon 1pm 3 pm 6 pm Job Sharing = practice of having 2 or more ppl split a 40-hr-a-week job - allows org. to draw upon talents of >1 individual in a given job - opens up opportunity to acquire skilled workers - inc. motivation & satisfc’n for those for whom a 40-hr-a-week job is not practical - creative solution to some org. problems - difficulty: finding compatible pairs of employees who can successfully coordinate demands of 1 job Telecommuting *Virtual Office = arrangement where employees do their work @ home on a computer that’s linked to office How & Why It Works
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P ART 2: S TRIVING FOR P ERFORMANCE - more productive than they had been before b/c of reduced commute & fewer disruptions - 3 kinds of jobs appropriate: routine info-handling tasks, mobile activities, professional & other knowledge-related tasks e.g. writers, attorneys, telemarketers, customer-service representatives, product-support specialists - inc. productivity & dec. stress, absenteeism, turnover; better service to customers, clients Downside - may miss out on important mtg’s & informal interactions that lead to new policies & ideas - miss social contact @ work - dec. commitment to org. - inc. feelings of isolation & burnout - telecommuters less likely to be able to function as team players - remote from managers - home telecommuters should come in to central office at least once a week
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nursing the sick in a hospital intensive care unit Low...

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