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Answer:Points Received:1 of 1Comments:Question 2.Question :In the slideshow,Equations Involving Fractions or Decimalslocated in Chapter 7,when a system of equations involves fractions,use the __________ property to eliminate the fractions.
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IdentityPoints Received:1 of 1Comments:Question 3.Question :In the slideshow,Compound Inequalitieslocated in Chapter 8,compound inequality using the connective ‘or’ is true if one or theother or both of the simple inequalities are true.StudentAnswer:a
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Points Received:1 of 1Comments:Question 4.Question :When looking at the example in the slideshow,Equations InvolvingFractions or Decimals,in the media section of Chapter 7, thepresenter suggests multiplying each equation by a value that willeliminate all of the denominators.Student
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Answer:Points Received:0 of 1Comments:
Question 5.Question :In Exercise 26 of Chapter 7,Solving by Substitution: Dependentthe answer to the example problem is equivalent on both sides. Itmeans that the lines ________.,Student Answer:CoincideIntersectAre parallel to one anotherCannot be graphed
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