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42 assessment details assessment task weighting

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4.2 Assessment Details Assessment Task Weighting Length Due date Hand in Tutorial Questions 10% As required Weekly Tutorial Test 20% 30 mins Week 9 (6-10 May) Final Exam 70% 2 hours University Exam Period Total 100% 4.3 On-Line Multiple Choice Quizzes There will be a number of informal on-line quizzes provided for you to attempt during the session. This will give you the chance to acquire feedback on your progress and
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ECON1102 – Macroeconomics 1 7 understanding of important concepts. There will be no grade attached to these quizzes. The quizzes can be accessed via the course website http://telt.unsw.edu.au from the end of Week 3. The purpose of the quizzes is to allow ongoing review of the material covered and provide continuous feedback on your performance. 4.4 Tutorial Participation No marks will be awarded for tutorial attendance. However a record of attendance at tutorial will be kept. Students should note that 80% attendance is required by UNSW and ASB rules. Attendance at 8 out 10 tutorials will be deemed as meeting the requirement. In certain circumstances, such as where a request for special consideration is made in relation to an assessment item, tutorial attendance will be taken into account in determining your final assessment or whether special consideration is granted. 4.5 Hand in Tutorial Questions Each week students are required to submit to their tutorial a written answer to one of the tutorial questions for that week. The questions for which a written answer is required will be indicated in the Tutorial Program. Answers must be submitted at the beginning of the tutorial and attendance at the entire tutorial is required. During the semester FIVE of the submitted answers (selected at random) will be graded and given a mark out of two. A mark of two will be given for a good answer; a mark of one for a satisfactory answer and a mark of zero for an unsatisfactory answer (including no submitted answer). 4.6 In-Tutorial Tests One short-answer test (the test has a weight of 20 percent) will be held during tutorials in the following week: Tutorial Test Week 9 (6 – 10 May) Students will have 30 minutes to complete each test. No notes, lecture or course material will be permitted to be used during the in tutorial tests. The question must be answered on the answer sheet provided by your tutor. A list of potential questions the test will be provided on the course website (one week prior to the test). Questions asked in the tutorial test will be based on those posted on the website. However there may be some slight differences in the actual test questions, e.g. numbers could be changed for questions that involve calculations. Students must sit the tutorial test in the tutorial group to which they have been allocated. There will be
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42 Assessment Details Assessment Task Weighting Length Due...

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