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Unfortunately for huntington it seems that as times

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Unfortunately for Huntington, it seems that as times have changed so has the the world and all of the technologies, mechanics and necessities the world now functions upon. Cultures now get along much better than they did in the past since they are easier to communicate easier than they ever have before. If one wishes to communicate with a member of another culture, they can easily do so by logging on to Facebook or picking up their telephone. Travel has also given people the opportunity not only the opportunity to bring many different cultures together, but to visit different nations and experience different cultures for themselves. Globally, cultural acceptance have reached levels that Huntington and his colleagues would have never been able to predict. However, it is not not to be said that conflict itself has been completed eliminated, specifically in the form of economics. Much of the conflict the world is still engaged in, specifically within the middle east where there are large oil deposits that civilizations all around
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the world wish to receive their oil from. Contradictory, Religion has also played a significant role in the conflict in the middle east, where Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims both continue to fight for control of the government and where conflict shows absolutely no intent in ending. Consequentially, I believe that it is safe to say Samuel L. Huntington was incorrect in his prediction that he made in The Clash of Civilizations mainly because the world has become much more culturally accepting and a large amount of the conflict that does exist come from economical sources. Huntington’s prediction holds a large amount of reason, but because he was unable to predict the advancements that society would undertake, his theory is just not applicable to the civilizations of modern time.
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