39 HP DeskJet Case DC Localization Process Standardization Postponement Safety

39 hp deskjet case dc localization process

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39 HP DeskJet Case: DC Localization Process Standardization / Postponement Safety Stock Reduction Current: 19,089 units (3.55 weeks) With localization: 12,792 units (2.4 weeks) Other benefits Lower value of transit inventory Freight reductions Local presence of “manufacturing” Customs implications Local procurement of localization materials But there are costs Product redesign DC modifications
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40 HP DeskJet Case: Outcome Implementation R&D Support: “The product is working, so why bother?” DC Support: Not our core competency” New packaging Capital investment Results Successful implementation Millions saved Service levels increased Packaging won awards Best practice spread to other HP divisions
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42 Why Customization is Popular? Consumers have become aware of choice Competition among manufacturers and retailers led to the extension of “nichification” Advances in manufacturing technology and order-taking interfaces
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43 What is Mass Customization? The customization and personalization of products and services for individual customers at a mass production price.
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