Unit 6 Customer Service Discussion Board information communicating through body language

Language and facial expressions non verbal messages

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language and facial expressions Non-verbal messages often convey more meaning than the spoken word. A positive non-verbal form of communication, such as positive body language, gestures and facial expressions can go a long way in terms of establishing effective two way communication between organizational employees at all levels. Appropriate form of non-verbal communication from seniors is extremely important to motivate subordinates, implement change and achieve better response and productive attitude/ behavior from subordinates. A negative message sent through inappropriate non-verbal communication can spoil relationship/ rapport between organizational employees. Therefore, non-verbal communication should be used as an important tool to convey positive messages or communication across organization. Especially in a culturally diverse work environment, one should be quite careful in terms of using non-verbal communication as it can be misinterpreted by people from other cultures. As
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the workplace becomes more diverse, and nonverbal cues become more diverse, people often find themselves in precarious situations with co-workers, employees and customers because they are not always aware of the nonverbal cues of others. 2. If you were hiring a receptionist or customer service representative, what essential phone service skills would you look for in your top candidates? Explain Telephone conversation is a somewhat richer channel as it allows for immediate feedback and would be very good to get important, immediate responses. This choice is highly contextual and it is an important way of doing business. Many people often carry cell phones so that they can get important messages wherever they go. The telephone can be used to inform and to remind the audience concerned of the meeting that is going to take place . You may not realize it, but hiring a customer service representative may be one of the most important hiring decisions you can make. After all, your receptionist or administrative assistant is often times the first person to interact with a potential Customer or Client and establishes the tone for the remainder of their interaction with your organization. Whatever you choose to call this position within your organization, one thing is certain - it is absolutely imperative that you hire the right person for the job. There are unique traits that can be identified, it is time for the most important part of the job benchmarking process: measurement and comparison. With the use of a scientifically validated employee assessment test in their phone capabilities. These traits can be measured in each of the candidates you are considering for the position and then compared to the job benchmark results to determine how well each candidate fits the job. In hiring any receptionist or customer service representative, the phone skills I would look for
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Unit 6 Customer Service Discussion Board information communicating through body language

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