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Business Math Unit 1 discussion

I circle it and in the circle i would write fm ½

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ad. I circle it and in the circle I would write, FM, ½. Meaning the shelf stock level is at ½ of its capable capacity and it is a fast mover. I continue to do this for all products in the ad. When they are all done I go into the computer to order. The computer tells me that Tide Pods has a shelf capacity of 12. I know that it is currently ½ full so we have 6 on hand. Normally I would order 50% (1/2) of the shelf capacity or 6 more to fill the shelf if it was a slow mover. Knowing it is going on sale and it is a fast mover I will need to increase that. Using the computer data base I look back at the amount sold the last time the item was on sale for this price. Based on that information I am able to determine that I will need to order and additional 24 pieces above the shelf capacity in order to meet the weeks demands. I already determined that need to order 50% (1/2) of shelf capacity to fill it. Then I add the 200% (2.0) of shelf capacity to cover the added needed to for sale. 50% =6 200% =24 Total order quantity is 30. I hope I explained myself correctly. Have a great day. Kathy
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