TCP service reliable transfer of bytes from one process to another controlled

Tcp service reliable transfer of bytes from one

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TCP service: reliable transfer of bytes from one process to another controlled by application developer controlled by application developer process TCP with buffers, variables socket process TCP with buffers, variables socket Internet controlled by operating system controlled by operating system host or server host or server
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2: Application Layer 96 Socket Programming with TCP Client must contact server Server process must first be running Server must have created socket (door) that welcomes client’s contact Client contacts server by: Creating client-local TCP socket Specifying IP address, port number of server process When client creates socket : client TCP establishes connection to server TCP When contacted by client, server TCP creates new socket for server process to communicate with client Allows server to talk with multiple clients Source port numbers used to distinguish clients (more in Chap 3) TCP provides reliable, in-order transfer of bytes (“pipe”) between client and server application viewpoint
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2: Application Layer 97 Illustration
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2: Application Layer 98 Stream Jargon A stream is a sequence of characters that flow into or out of a process An input stream is attached to some input source for the process, e.g., keyboard or socket An output stream is attached to an output source, e.g., monitor or socket
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2: Application Layer 99 Socket Programming with TCP outToServer to network from network inFromServer inFromUser keyboard monitor Process input stream input stream output stream TCP socket Client process client TCP socket Example client-server app: 1) Client reads line from standard input ( inFromUser stream) , sends to server via socket ( outToServer stream) 2) Server reads line from socket 3) Server converts line to uppercase, sends back to client 4) Client reads, prints modified line from socket ( inFromServer stream)
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2: Application Layer 100 Client/Server Socket Interaction: TCP Server (running on hostid ) Client wait for incoming connection request connectionSocket = welcomeSocket.accept() create socket, port= x , for incoming request: welcomeSocket = ServerSocket() create socket, connect to hostid , port= x clientSocket = Socket() close connectionSocket read reply from clientSocket close clientSocket send request using clientSocket read request from connectionSocket write reply to connectionSocket TCP connection setup
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Example: Java Client (TCP) import*; import*; class TCPClient { public static void main(String argv[]) throws Exception { String sentence; String modifiedSentence; BufferedReader inFromUser = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; Socket clientSocket = new Socket("hostname", 6789); DataOutputStream outToServer = new DataOutputStream(clientSocket.getOutputStream()); Create input stream Create client socket, connect to server Create output stream attached to socket 2: Application Layer 101
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