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A yes i do… normally it is rs.500-1000 q as you

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Unformatted text preview: A: Yes I do… normally it is Rs.500-1000 Q: As you know we are standing in the second hand portion of this market and you are buying items from here… A: not everything is second hand here… as you can see those shoes are new.. They are from China and I don’t buy second hand items Q: Do you think there is a bargaining margin when you’re buying brand new items? A: Yes definitely there is… at least it goes up to 50% Q: so you do bargain here? A: Yes and that to 50% Q: Let’s say, that I quote an item’s price as Rs. 1000. What price will you quote for it to the retailer? A: I will make sure I buy it for Rs. 450-550… I will quote it for 450 and he will give it to me for Rs. 500 Q: How will you begin the negotiation process with the retailer if you want to buy something at a lower price? 104 A: I will quote the price…Rs. 400.. Then I will go and he will say Rs. 500 and over here the retailers call you back… Q: And if they don’t call you back, then do you feel bad? A: No. Every retailer stall has the same thing. I will buy it from another stall Q: Let’s say you bought an item and you go to another shop and see it is priced much lower, how would you feel? A: Once I buy something I don’t go to other shops and ask for the price of the same item. Q: Let’s say you bought an item for the price you wanted, how do you feel? A: I feel really good and I go home and tell everyone Q: Oh and do you discuss it with friends that you’ve bought this from Sunday Bazaar? A: No never! Q: Why? A: They all will make fun of me Q: and why do they make fun of you? A: they say “Laanda Laanda Lighthouse Lighthouse!” Q: But they all do know that it is from Sunday Bazaar? A: they need something to pull my leg Q: You also know that they wear shoes from here? A: We can’t say that... They will just say that you are also wearing it Q: So do you consider youself as a good bargainer? A: No I don’t think so that I am a good bargainer Q: And why do you think so? A: Because when I come back people tell me that I’ve bought the thing expensive Q: What qualities, according to you, should be there in a good bargainer? A: I am not experienced in the field. Q: So when you look at a product, on what do you base your price quote at? A: I would look for quality, comfort and appearance in an item however quality here is questionable Q: and for you value of money is? A: Rs. 1 also has a value and you can’t waste money as it is money. Q: Do you buy fruits and vegetables from here? A: No I don’t Q: and your family doesn’t tell you to buy it for them on your way back? A: They have full faith that I would buy things expensive Q: Do females good bargainers than men? A: Men as females just know how to give.. they can’t cut away from the retailer. They make a face at the retailer which pushes the retailer to raise the price and give them things expensive....
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A Yes I do… normally it is Rs.500-1000 Q As you know we...

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