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acency law and ethics

Adams problem lastly the case of mr ali is unclear on

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Adams problem. Lastly the case of Mr. Ali, is unclear on what the items were that the officer seized. It is safe to assume that there may have been a language and/ or culture barrier between the two parties. In this instance the officer was upheld in court and maintained immunity. With these recent cases have forced the agency to make changes in the area of diversity. Personnel Recruitment and Hiring Practices The Department of Justice has developed its first EEO Strategic Plan for EEO and diversity. The Department now “is focused on recruitment and retention strategies to foster the development of a highly qualified and diverse talent pool of applicants and employees” (Diversity at DOJ , 2010). The Department of Justice has had to adhere to executive orders from White House Initiatives in promoting diversity amongst government agencies. “In accordance with Executive Orders…, DOJ is developing a national outreach strategy that will provide. access to employment opportunities to diverse communities including the African American, American Indian, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Disabled, Hispanic and Gay, Lesbian,
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Running head: Agency’s Law and Ethics of Hiring a Diverse Workforce 5 Bisexual and Transgendered communities” (Diversity at DOJ , 2010) Extending employment to these groups of people is important because the prison population is made up of these ethnic and gender groups. A diverse employee base can help others communicate and understand cultural differences. Executive order 11478 mandates equal opportunities in federal employment. Persons cannot be discriminated against because of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and religious beliefs. This order also encourages agencies to maximize all possible resources to find qualified persons to increase diversity. Another initiative to increase a diversity work place is to reach out to those whom are deemed disabled yet still able to work. The Federal Bureau of Prisons also has an initiative to reach out to Hispanic applicants. The agency has evaluated their employee population and recognizes the areas of diversity that has a need for improvement. Ethics and Diversity Training The agency has recently, in the past three years, become accepting of the ethnic and gender change that our society has made. In obtaining research it has been gathered that many of the changes were Executive orders. The agency is now imposing training on employees to be in compliance. The BOP is one of the oldest government agencies and therefore very traditional.
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