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Content Topics Key points Core Extension Suggested Activities 12.3 Balanced diet Energy values of food Food pyramid Importance of dietary fibre Balanced diet Obesity Anorexia Energy values of food Different energy requirement for people of different age, sex and occupation Food pyramid Dietary fibre is important for the contractions of the intestine, which help to move food forward Balanced diet involves the intake of the different food substances in the right proportion and quantities In developed countries where the diet is low in fibre, constipation and colon cancer are more common S. Inspect food labels to find out the nutritional value and energy value of the food (ID S. Data analysis exercise on the different energy requirements for people of different age, sex and occupation (ID) S. Design a balanced menu for a day (limit the cost of food) Effect of under-eating and over-eating on weight and health Obesity due to eating too much fat and carbohydrates Anorexia S. Library search on the causes, adverse effects and prevention of obesity / anorexia (CM) 12.4 Natural food and processed food Natural food Processed food Food additives What are natural food Examples of processed food Food additives, including food preservatives, colourings and flavourings S. Record the natural food and processed food consumed in a week S. Visit an organic farm S. Library search on the effects of organic farming and conventional farming on our health and the environment S. Inspect food labels to identify common food additives S. Design experiments to investigate the preservative effect of sorbic acid (or other preservative) on fresh bread from the bakery [IN]
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