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Name of instrument abbott imx chemistry analyzer

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Name of Instrument: Abbott IMX Chemistry Analyzer Methodology or Test Reaction(s): The Abbott IMX Chemistry Analyzer performs assays by using FPIA (Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay) and MEIA (Micro particle Enzyme Immunoassay) which depend on the specificity of different antibody-antigen reactions. Test Menu: The Abbott IMX Chemistry Analyzer is meant to perform tests primarily on thyroid hormones, but tests are also performed on ferritin, therapeutic drugs, BNP, different hepatitis’. It is used to test for kidney disease, diabetes, HIV, AIDS, endocrine function, fertility, endocrine function, hepatitis, cancer, STDs, rubella, thyroid abnormalities, congenital disease, and heart disease. Types of Activities Performed Today: Daily maintenance of the Abbott IMX Chemistry Analyzer was performed such as the boom check, probe cleaning, and checking the probe alignments. This needed to be done in order to perform preventive and corrective maintenance of the instrument. Needs for Corrective Action/Maintenance/Problems Encountered: While performing daily maintenance of the Abbott IMX Chemistry Analyzer, error code 25 appeared and a message appeared saying that the diluent syringe failed home. In order to correct this problem, the diluent syringe was to be expected for visual damage, the sample syringe was to be examined, and the blocks were to be examined. In this instance, the blocks needed to be changed. Since it had not
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Patterson been changed since 2003, there may have been substances crystalized within. Also, during the boom check, the alignment of the probe positions was tested, and the probe positioning was slightly off. The probe was not on the appropriate reagent target. Since the positions were incorrect, the IMX System Operator Manual was referred to and a Boom Calibration was
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Name of Instrument Abbott IMX Chemistry Analyzer...

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