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Appearance reaction with hcl and cucl 2 response to a

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appearance , reaction with HCl and CuCl 2 , response to a hammer blow , and electrical conductivity . Which of these properties are physical properties? 2. Now, we will address the purpose of this lab, by sorting the elements tested into three groups, metals, nonmetals, or metalloids. Use the following information to sort the elements into these three groups: a. metals have a luster (shine), are malleable, and conduct electricity. b. many metals react with acid and copper(II) chloride solutions. c. nonmetals are usually dull in appearance, are brittle, and do not conduct electricity. d. metalloids have properties of both metals and nonmetals. 3. If a sample reacted with HCl, there was a similar observation for each reaction. Describe the similarity. 4. A student makes the argument that brittleness is a chemical property, since you alter the appearance of the material as you smash it with a hammer. Is this student right or wrong? Explain your answer. Remember to answer in complete sentences! Connection to the 21 st Century skills: Practical problem solvers synthesize and make connections between information and arguments .
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