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41. What film in 1983 was responsible for developing the image of Goth and largely achieved cult status via VHS rentals? A.The BiteB.The Lost Boys
C.The HungerD.Salem’s Lot 42. Charley Brewster, the iconic horror fan in 1985’sFright Night, eventually is assisted by the host of the late-nightvampire show of which he was a fan.What was that character’s name?
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43. In the video gameCastlevania, released in the US in 1987, the player gets to play a vampire hunter who ultimately fights Dracula in his castle.What was this hunter’s name?
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44. The Lost Boyswas important for its usage of teen themes in a format that was originally intended for children.In the film vampirism can be eliminated if the ‘head vampire’ is destroyed. What was the name of the head vampire in the film?
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45. The 1992 film Bram Stoker’s Draculamade a few significant changes to the original plot of the novel.Which of the following wasone of those changes? not A.Mina Falls in Love with DraculaB.Mina Drinks Dracula’s BloodC.Dracula was Vlad the ImpalerD.Mina is Dracula’s Lost Love
46. Which of the following isnotan example of the sympathetic vampire as defined via the four modern vampire types?
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47. Gothic subculture was especially fueled by the clothing styles created by many of the original bands, but even the name was based on amember of the most iconic early Goth groups, Sex Gang Children.What was the stage name of the singer who led to the creation of the term ‘Goth?’
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48. So-called ‘living vampires’ often refer to themselves by a specific titles, regardless if they believe they absorb energy or need blood to survive.This includes vampires that approach the idea as a philosophy or religion.How do they refer to themselves?
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49. One of the symptoms of rabies that is associated with vampirism is what? A.Fear of Wooden ObjectsB.Apprehension Towards Mirrors C.Inability to Stand in SunlightD.Fear of Sacred Objects
50. Pellagra is the most important disease associated with vampirism and the spreading of the demon during the Vampire Epidemic.It is known for the ‘4 Ds.’Which of the follow isnotone of the four?
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