Internet Anxieties

A long time technology is taking over and is trying

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Unformatted text preview: a long time; technology is taking over and is trying to make us think differently ← 3. limitations ← ← B. An Integrated Approach to Thinking about Technology: computer networking for military purposes ← 1. Social context and the birth of the infrastructure ← a. Cold War: different networks of communication (centralized, decentralized, distributed ← b. ARPAnet (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) (1969: UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, Stanford, Univ. of Utah): these universities had giant super computers and connected the four universities and was funded by the US government ← 2. Early Users and the development of the Net: the way in which users make use of technology is often beyond what the original creators of the technology could have ever imagined; early universities used computers strictly for education and research - - developed email ← a. email, bulletin boards, newsgroups: bulletin boards were the first websites; invented a new culture ← b. open-source ethos (Linux): a cultural view of what the internet should be all about; primarily scientists used; place for sharing information and knowledge freely • linux: corporate America see there is a new opportunity for business in the internet world; Microsoft, Macintosh; starting charging for software; linux - - open code operating system for free ← 3. Developments in the 1990s (hypertext, World Wide Web): html and software development that makes the Web look like it does today; opened up the internet to more and more users; before html you had to use codes and now it has links - - way the internet is a mass media ← 4. Convergence: we live in a converged media society ← a. CBS Sunday story: talked about how five years ago everything was different; every kind of information can converge into one devise and this can all be gone in 30 years ← b. Industry Response: b....
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a long time technology is taking over and is trying to make...

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